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# The following functions convert an object to a struct so that it can be saved to a mat file
import as sio
def loadmat(filename):
this function should be called instead of direct spio.loadmat
as it cures the problem of not properly recovering python dictionaries
from mat files. It calls the function check keys to cure all entries
which are still mat-objects
data = sio.loadmat(filename, struct_as_record=False, squeeze_me=True)
return _check_keys(data)
def _check_keys(dict):
checks if entries in dictionary are mat-objects. If yes
todict is called to change them to nested dictionaries
for key in dict:
if isinstance(dict[key], sio.matlab.mio5_params.mat_struct):
dict[key] = _todict(dict[key])
return dict
def _todict(matobj):
A recursive function which constructs from matobjects nested dictionaries
dict = {}
for strg in matobj._fieldnames:
elem = matobj.__dict__[strg]
if isinstance(elem, sio.matlab.mio5_params.mat_struct):
dict[strg] = _todict(elem)
dict[strg] = elem
return dict