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from Scripts.Algorithm import train, evaluateMFC, evaluateMARL
from Scripts.Parameters import ParseInput
import time
import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import os
import logging

if __name__ == '__main__':
args = ParseInput()

if not os.path.exists('Results'):

# Logging
args.logFileName = 'Results/progress.log'
open(args.logFileName, 'w').close()
format='%(asctime)s %(message)s',
args.logger = logging.getLogger()

t0 = time.time()

indexN = 0
valueRewardMFCArray = np.zeros(args.numN)
valueRewardMFCArraySD = np.zeros(args.numN)

valueRewardMARLArray = np.zeros(args.numN)
valueRewardMARLArraySD = np.zeros(args.numN)

RewardErrorArray = np.zeros(args.numN)
RewardErrorArraySD = np.zeros(args.numN)

NVec = np.zeros(args.numN)

if args.train:'Training is in progress.')
train(args)'Evaluation is in progress.')
while indexN < args.numN:
N = args.minN + indexN * args.divN
NVec[indexN] = N

for _ in range(0, args.maxSeed):
valueRewardMFC = evaluateMFC(args)
valueRewardMFC = np.array(valueRewardMFC.detach())

valueRewardMFCArray[indexN] += valueRewardMFC/args.maxSeed
valueRewardMFCArraySD[indexN] += valueRewardMFC ** 2 / args.maxSeed

valueRewardMARL = evaluateMARL(args, N)
valueRewardMARL = np.array(valueRewardMARL.detach())

valueRewardMARLArray[indexN] += valueRewardMARL/args.maxSeed
valueRewardMARLArraySD[indexN] += valueRewardMARL**2/args.maxSeed

RewardError = np.abs(valueRewardMARL - valueRewardMFC)
RewardErrorArray[indexN] += RewardError/args.maxSeed
RewardErrorArraySD[indexN] += RewardError**2/args.maxSeed

indexN += 1'Evaluation N: {N}')

valueRewardMFCArraySD = np.sqrt(np.maximum(0, valueRewardMFCArraySD - valueRewardMFCArray ** 2))
valueRewardMARLArraySD = np.sqrt(np.maximum(0, valueRewardMARLArraySD - valueRewardMARLArray ** 2))
RewardErrorArraySD = np.sqrt(np.maximum(0, RewardErrorArraySD - RewardErrorArray ** 2))

plt.xlabel('Number of Agents')
plt.ylabel('Reward Values')
plt.plot(NVec, valueRewardMFCArray, label='MFC')
plt.fill_between(NVec, valueRewardMFCArray - valueRewardMFCArraySD, valueRewardMFCArray + valueRewardMFCArraySD, alpha=0.3)
plt.plot(NVec, valueRewardMARLArray, label='MARL')
plt.fill_between(NVec, valueRewardMARLArray - valueRewardMARLArraySD, valueRewardMARLArray + valueRewardMARLArraySD, alpha=0.3)

plt.xlabel('Number of Agents')
plt.plot(NVec, RewardErrorArray)
plt.fill_between(NVec, RewardErrorArray - RewardErrorArraySD, RewardErrorArray + RewardErrorArraySD, alpha=0.3)

t1 = time.time()'Elapsed time is {t1-t0} sec')
Binary file added Models/Actor.pkl
Binary file not shown.
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# Introduction

This repository contains codes that are used for generating numerical results in the following paper:

"Mean-Field Control based Approximation of Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning in Presence of a Shared Global State",
Transactions on Machine Learning Research, May, 2023.

[[arXiv]]( [[TMLR]]()

title={Mean-Field Control based Approximation of Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning in Presence of a Non-decomposable Shared Global State},
author={Mondal, Washim Uddin and Aggarwal, Vaneet and Ukkusuri, Satish V},
journal={arXiv preprint arXiv:2301.06889},

# Parameters

Various parameters used in the experiments can be found in [Scripts/]() file.

# Software and Packages

python 3.8.12
pytorch 1.10.1
numpy 1.21.2
matplotlib 3.5.0
# Results

Generated results will be stored in Results folder (will be created on the fly).
Some pre-generated results are available for display in the Display folder. Specifically,
[Fig. 1]() depicts the error as a function
of N (the number of agents).

# Run Experiments


The progress of the experiment is logged in Results/progress.log

# Command Line Options

Various command line options are given below:

--train : if training is required from scratch, otherwise a pre-trained model will be used
--minN : minimum value of N
--numN : number of N values
--divN : difference between two consecutive N values
--maxSeed: number of random seeds

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