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CVPR 2022 Tutorial: Imaging Through Turbulence

This repo is a collection of demos and source code for a Python package aimed at providing some programming-based insight into the CVPR 2022 Tutorial: Imaging Through Turbulence.

You can find the slides here:

The overall organization of this repo is as follows.

  • cvpr_2022_itt_pkg contains the source for the package that we use to simplify the demos overall. Go here if you are interested in the source code. The code itself will not likely be informative outside of the case that you are interested in doing something like this yourself. But for the sake of completeness we provide it. This package can be installed with:

    pip install cvpr_2022_itt_pkg
  • part1_XXXXXXX.ipynb will be the demos most relevant to the Fourier optics portion of the tutorial. Wave propagation, PSF formation, lenses, etc. can be found here.

  • part2_XXXXXXX.ipynb will be the demos most relevant to the split-step portion of the tutorial. Phase screen generation and wave propagation with phase screens are the main focuses here.

    Note: We do not ''fully enable'' the entire split-step pipeline. To our knowledge, the authors of any split-step approach have not actively posted their method publicly. Therefore, this is our implemenatation of what is outlined in Schmidt's book Numerical Simulation of Optical Wave Propagation (see We specifically do this for a case of a single point source only.

  • part3_XXXXXXX.ipynb will be the demos most relevant to the multi-aperture portion of the tutorial.

    Note: This is a simplified version of the ''version 1'' multi-aperture simulation. More info about these simplifications can be found within the Python notebook. For later changes, integrations with the P2S network, and overall improved usability, see

  • A personal note: You might be wondering, what's up with all the clutter? This is my first time using PyPI so I have no idea what I'm really doing, but this managed to make it all work. If it's not broken, don't fix it!

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